David Gaskill Presents at Adnews Live! Sydney 2022: Life After Cookies

Adriana Colaneri
12th April 2021

Everyone’s talking about it. But what’s really going to happen when the cookie crumbles in 2022?  

Industry experts will come together to give their take on what a cookie less future means for marketers at Adnews Live! Sydney next Thursday 27th May.

Join Foxcatcher Managing Director David Gaskill when he presents: “Life After Cookies: The Great Heist”.  

SYNOPSIS: The human race is a species that has evolved with intrinsic networks and connections. Our ability to seek out an audience is rooted in our interests and behaviours, long predating the internet and cookies.

Finding an audience is not uniquely an online challenge, detectives and law enforcement have been doing it for centuries. The great heist to find audiences in 2022 will challenge us to reinvent the way we connect and learn a little more about each other.

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