Foxcatcher partners with Index Exchange for Supply Path Optimisation effort

Adriana Colaneri
20th May 2021

Data and technology programmatic specialist, Foxcatcher has announced its partnership with Index Exchange, one of the world’s largest independent ad exchanges, to fuel its Supply Path Optimisation (SPO) solution to drive media buying efficiencies. With the deprecation of the cookie, Foxcatcher has identified that a strong SPO strategy powered by the right partnerships is critical in a data and identity-driven environment.

In May 2020, research by the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) revealed that nearly 15 percent of UK ad spend could not be accounted for, representing around one-third of supply chain costs. In addition, there has been a lack in data standardization and its capture, with identity being an issue, especially when it comes to match rates across multiple suppliers.

Working with Index Exchange, Foxcatcher’s SPO focuses on driving media buying efficiencies through strategic supply initiatives by incorporating multiple SSP products like Index Exchange’s “Exchange Fee Reduction” (XFR) alongside initiatives like ads.txt, app-ads.txt, sellers.json, and header bidding. XFR is an Index Exchange program that reduces the transactional cost of the supply chain for preferred buyers, allowing Foxcatcher’s clients to win more of the impressions and audiences they’re looking for. The SPO also includes ingesting and analysing Client Audit Logs from Index Exchange, allowing for further transparencies across the supply path and ensuring more dollars reach the publisher.

Working with fewer select partners has allowed Foxcatcher to extract better insights and consistent data capture from SSP’s. This strategic approach goes a long way in further increasing audience insights and match rates across suppliers adding value to Foxcatcher’s proprietary Worldview, FOX_ID, and FoxTag technologies alongside other industry identifiers.

Foxcatcher has strategically aligned its products with the right technology from a buying and supply perspective to assist in driving innovation for its clients and their business needs.  The initial launch’s goal is to deliver key benefits to clients, including increased measurability, reduced intermediaries, improved quality in inventory, improved campaign performance, consistent data capture and match rates, and product development.

The criteria that guided Foxcatcher in selecting partners for their SPO solution included delivering inventory access and availability, quality and transparency, audience match & identity solutions, and partnership potential.

Foxcatcher Managing Director David Gaskill commented, “We believe incorporating SPO into our proprietary Worldview technology allows us to take efficient media buying to the next level. Worldview is focused on delivering value add through strategically delivered, real-time digital budgets.”

“We are excited to partner with Index Exchange, one of the most advanced digital advertising marketplaces, to deliver a solution which offers not only great success for our clients but also ensures Australian publishers receive the highest return on their media. Our SPO partnership with Index Exchange ensures we’re maximising every advertiser dollar and delivering yield in support of local Australian publishers as a priority.

While some agency groups are taking a paid approach to programmatic transparency, we have alternatively made strategic partnerships ensuring that client investment is delivered to local publishers with minimal tech tax along the way.”

Janette Higginson, Index Exchange’s Head of Demand for APAC, said, “We’re pleased buyers are now prioritising ways to find the most efficient, effective, and transparent path to their programmatic supply. We’re excited to drive results for our partners by bringing more buying power to programmatic, ultimately helping them increase the value of their working media budgets.”

Foxcatcher Head of Trading, Varun John, commented “Since the launch of Foxcatcher, our clients have been at the forefront, and having the right partnerships reinforce that. Working with Index Exchange allows us to further add value to our clients through the efficiencies that are driven by having a structured SPO in place; we’re excited to be taking this to the market.”

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