Adnews Live! - Foxcatcher and The Great Heist

Adriana Colaneri
28th May 2021

Foxcatcher managing director David Gaskill says online marketing and browsing behaviours generate a huge wealth of data which in turn can generate invaluable insights for brands and businesses.

“Our ability to generate macro-contextual learnings to reach customers at scale will determine the biggest winners and losers when third-party cookies are deprecated,” he told AdNews LIVE, 2022: Life After Cookies. 

 He says finding an audience is not uniquely an online challenge, detectives and law enforcement have been doing it for centuries.

He entertained the audience with the story of an art heist in Boston during the 1990s where a $10 million reward is still posted for information leading to the return of the stolen paintings.

“Our online behaviours leave a trail of crumbs (data points),” he says.

“Truly intelligent businesses are focused on learning from these. Brands who know their most valuable customers will understand which online behaviours are important. 

“By taking macro-contextual view of your customers, you will gain a much deeper understanding of your brand and business success drivers.” 

 He says the end of cookies is going to force marketers to adapt. 

“We know who’s visited our website. We know who’s bought our product. We still have the right records,” he says. 

However, marketers can no longer simply select that audience in a platform to buy against.

“We can’t just target that same user who has looked at a set of bedsheets with a display ad.

“It’s going to force us to adapt.

“And this is really exciting. The potential is enormous with the ways we can grow and learn from the consumer experience.”

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