Making Data Simple.

Bringing simplicity to data and technology

We work with our clients to build engagement with customers, making data simple and using technology that delivers results.

We are data-driven marketing experts on customer data, digital ecosystems and aligning addressable media with CRM, DTC and eCommerce outcomes.

Changing the way advertising is bought and sold.

We use the world's best algorithmic hedge fund trading technology and intelligence to understand and execute your business success drivers.

Our WorldView platform enables you to see your customers through our ecosystem gaining contextual insight into consumer behaviours.

Extracting value from your data for brand growth.

Foxcatcher takes you on a journey with a unique model of enablement, managed services though to subscription based self-service.

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Data consulting
Programmatic media

One View. WorldView.

WorldView is our Foxcatcher proprietary data and media buying ecosystem.

The FoxID takes onsite consumer behaviour, enriched with digital interactions and macroeconomic signals.

How can WorldView help me?

Partnerships that get results

We aim to change the game, not just play it. Our case studies showcase the extent of our capabilities and the business outcomes and value that we are driving for our clients.


Media cost (CPM)
Brand engagement (CTR)

By using Worldview we intercepted moments at scale. In real time, this engine processed multiple data streams, and through machine learning, was able to identify the trends, hype and moments people were anticipating, for example music festivals, sports events or new film releases.


Brand Awareness
Brand Engagement (CTR)

We tailored our proprietary Worldview platform to understand the content and context of sites and publishers our audiences of university students were engaging with. The Contextual Insight Engine curated a priority content strategy to ensure allowing ads to be bid on in real-time across these publishers in order to tune into our audience at the optimal moment.


Conversions versus previous campaign

We analysed content from across the internet, including touch points leading to purchase and consumer behaviour to build a dynamic buying strategy optimised to both audience and content.

Simon Ryan’s Foxcatcher backs hedge fund tech to leave programmatic rivals facing big short

Indie agency group RyanCap is backing algorithmic trading tech and an ex-hedge fund trader to deliver sharper programmatic media results than its competitors. Foxcatcher Managing Director, David Gaskill, claims its purpose-built platform renders others obsolete.

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